Gawain Barnard: Tomorrow 6am

‘Tomorrow 6 am’ is a personal study by photographer Gawain Barnard. The fourteen images are organised in a book like fashion. One image a plant and parallel to it an image of a person.

The reason for this work catching my eye in relevance to the ‘square mile’ brief, was its structure. I read the images to have a correlation with each other. The interesting use of light also really stood out for me. The images of the plant are very well exposed, all slightly different however in how much light can be seen in the image, the in constant background change is a key indicator for this. The images of people however are not very exposed at all, they have been drained of their light content, symbolising that early morning feeling where your eye lids are half open, letting in as little light as possible. The top three images of people symbolise the struggles in waking up early, in their stance, facial expressions, however the other four images featured in the second half of the work I notice that they don’t look very tired at all, like they were taken at a different time of the day to the others. In the brief description of his work I think Gawain explains the reason for this.

“Tomorrow six am is a personal study of change and reflection. Being awake early each morning seems to be a painful part of becoming a new parent yet as my children grow and sleep past the waking hour I wander and wait for the oncoming day. As each morning is new to me and the habits or rituals required for leaving the house alter, there doesn’t seem to be a typical morning as my children are growing too fast and their needs shift daily. So as I try to predict my families needs while the dawn breaks, light and time outdo me as they did yesterday at 6am.

My pictures represent a time of day that offer a glimpse of clarity and a brief moment of solitude in semi darkness. Like a morning prayer, observations become meditative against a stirring backdrop of familiar noises as the morning ritual moves from thought process to slow movements.”

Gawain explains that the families “needs shift daily” in turn altering the time of day that they need to wake up. Now I do not expect each of these people to be members of his family, but show a good indicator as to the varying needs of a family, and there morning rituals.

Below are my two favourite images that accompany each other in the work.

I find these two most fascinating as I believe them to have an emotional connection, of love, passion and sentiment, the rose being the key indicator in those feelings reflects on to the photographers connection with the female in the image that accompanies the rose. It stimulates an understanding for the emotion the photographer has with the woman in the image. The flowered rose head acts as a ‘whats to come’ representation of what the woman blossoms into when the initial struggles of the early morning fade away, to release her beauty like that of the rose. I would image that is why she is dressed in white, like that of the rose.

In relevance to my approach for the ‘Square Mile’ assignment, this work is similar to my initial idea to have my objects on a dark background, focusing heavily on the content in front of the lens, but using the ‘same’ background to symbolise a constant in my surroundings. I love the use of plants in this piece also, and it has inspired me to think about using plants I associated with my interpretation of the ‘Square Mile’.


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